Since 1974 Gamma, Italian manufacturers have given concrete form to its passion for furniture design. The results are a distinct style and an intrinsic elegance in each element, whereby handcrafted workmanship meets design, highlighting the craftsmanship in contemporary forms and state of the art lines.

The new Dandy Collection, designed and developed by Giuseppe Viganò, becomes more than just a “concept”. This exclusive living style of home-fashion design is now able to become a part of every home-environment.



Modern leather modular sofa with soft contours and a powerful personality. A mettlesome design and off-beat soul: these are the hallmarks of Hollywood, the

“old-fashioned-looking” leather sofa that has been reworked with contemporary detailing, highlighting its modern edge and modular qualities. The subtle needlework on the backrest enhances the soft inviting contours of the sofa which are likewise exalted by the wooden rod upholstered in leather running along the back and sides. The rod element plays a particularly prominent role on the side of the armrest, where it shines in all its beauty. Striking an ideal balance between formality, fine aesthetics and practicality, Hollywood also stands out for the exquisite tailoring of its striking edge-to-edge seaming which highlights

its alluring curves and contours. Hollywood is a modular seating system with a magnetic personality which lends itself perfectly to a whole array of environments and fits seamlessly into multiple décor styles.



The Next sofa embodies the very essence of the Dandy collection. A leather blanket that gently settles on the sofa, like a haute-couture dress, embellished with wooden wings to give a touch of design and fashion. An innovative tanning process creates this new texture of vertical shades.



Architectural lines and diagonality play a key role in this new contemporary sofa. The inclined metal base together with the linearity of the back cushions, designed with remarked horizontal paddings, give the sofa a geometrical sense of comfort that can be perceived even at first sight.



Wolf is a modern leather sofa with a high-end design that exudes a charismatic personality and effortlessly delivers practicality and real relaxation. With its harmonious shape and carefully engineered seat and backrest, this hugely innovative sofa exerts an irresistible appeal. A sectional seating system designed with a high backrest and created with tapering lines so as to achieve supreme comfort levels. A unique next-generation concept which does not rely on a mechanism to serve its purpose but sustains the lower back with the soft restful support of the padding. With its nonchalant charm, the corner unit helps to redistribute space and shift the perception of size, adding depth and dimension to the sofa.



A modular sofa with a bold uncompromising design met by a soft shell upholstered in leather. Nautilus is an irresistible modern take on a heritage design, featuring well defined volumes embellished with subtle needlework that amps up its bold powerful appeal. An unerring balance between form and refinement is the key concept behind this sectional sofa: Nautilus provides unsurpassed comfort without sacrificing the need for luxe and elegance. Another elegant touch that places Nautilus in a league of its own is the slab-shaped metal foot available in various finishes.



Saks is a leather sofa for a modern contemporary setting, fusing together fine design and practicality. A bold silhouette and squared-off shape that stands out for its exquisite special stitching details – a sartorial touch that bespeaks Gamma’s deep knowledge and artisanal skills. Saks merges to perfection contemporary tenets of aesthetics and comfort so one can revel in relaxation. The airily elegant base is available in new finishes whilst the fixed generous armrests offer plenty of room. The next-generation “push-up” mechanism on the corner unit enables one to adjust the height of the backrest which has been placed in an elegant back support structure. This versatile modular seating system has been conceived to allow for extreme customisation allowing one to create individual solutions according to personal taste and space requirements.


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