Casarredo’s outdoor brand Kettal’s raison d’être is the creation of timeless outdoor furniture which is functional and expressive, and represents a contemporary culture providing solutions to the emerging needs of modern life, based on a blend of creativity, customization, innovation and modern production. Kettal’s designs are so unique and multifunctional that the question often arises whether something is an outdoor or indoor piece, hence the intention when it was designed.

The new Molo modular sofa is a perfect example of a modular sofa in its purest form displaying the crossover from indoor to outdoor. Its orthogonal geometry is based on a rectangular modularity design, which means it can be easily adapted to suit any situation and optimise the space in which it sits. Each module can be taken apart and re-organised, creating new uses and configurations. The design is aesthetically minimalistic with intentionally oversized pieces. On the other hand, the decorative elements have conscientiously not been emphasised in order to give centre stage to the various combinations of fabric, colours and carefully selected details. Manufactured in aluminium, teak, Concrete and Terrain Fabrics, the collection is composed of sofas, a deck chair and a centre table.


Latest colour trends:

Garden and Forest, Sky and Water, Earth and Stone.

The texture and colours of ‘Terrain’ outdoor fabrics reflect the subtle mélange of colours found in different natural landscapes. ‘Terrain’ fabrics become one with the outdoor landscape of their setting, whether it is wellbeing retreat, a wild Mediterranean garden, a crystal clear sea or sunset in the desert. ‘Terrain’ fabrics are sensual, iridescent and textured. Each fabric is created with a mix of colours, with a surprising softness usually associated with indoor fabrics. Kettal’s Terrrain fabric is a range of 34 different colours and designed to work with a diverse range of outdoor materials like marble, stone, wood, mesh and coated metal.


New innovations

Kettal presents Glaze, its new and exclusive paint finish. With new Glaze, Kettal has developed a finish that replicates the aesthetic qualities and feeling of warmth offered by ceramics, but cross-overed to the outdoor. As a result of its technical properties, Glaze also delivers the same level of durability and quality provided by aluminium coatings. This new finish for aluminium table tops is available in 8 colours designed by Doshi Levien.