The Dandy Collection, designed and developed by Giuseppe Viganò, becomes “Concept”. An exclusive living style of fashion design becomes part of every house-environment. The purpose of the research done in terms of material is to find solutions strictly connected with the world of fashion and emphasize the character of every product.


The idea behind this collection stems from an overwhelming desire for out-of-the-box creativity and an unconventional lifestyle. We pushed our prototyping abilities to the limit and came up with a model almost suspended in air which has a versatile shape without sacrificing comfort levels ensured by the covering in feather-padding and cotton lap on the framework. A youthful vibrant style with highly customisable upholstery available in a single colour or a choice of new combinations. A further touch of glamour is provided by the original detailing, consisting in special stitching along the chunky outer edges decorated with duffel-style toggles.




Leather accessories which add a sophisticated touch to the floor level, and versatile enough to fit into any setting. The Floor Pillows are large cushions made with a feather-padded seat covered in customisable leather. An ideal solution for a two-tone touch of class. Leather cords embellished at the tip with an elegant toggle on this new Dandy accessory are perfectly on trend. Extremely versatile, these relaxing items will fit seamlessly into the living area and just as well into the bedroom.



This is where fashion meets design. This collection epitomises the fusion between the world of fashion and the sophisticated design of the Dandy collection. One standout hallmark of this sofa is its armrest. Basing ourselves on an elegant handbag, we recreated and sculpted this fashionable aesthetic detail, turning it into a major feature and boosting practicality with the armrest compartment on the side of the sofa.

A multi-functional armrest boasts a leather flap which conceals a spacious magazine holder and is secured by a sophisticated metal fastening covered in leather. An extremely comfortable sofa with a yielding design and deep seats. A new “blade stand” base and the clever combination of silhouette, size and stitching details are all evident signs of the modern innovative core of this collection. The same edgy stylishness transpires from the accent cushions, which recall chic clutch bags, and from the special table collection.



Leather sofa with a modern refined soul that stands out for its superlative tufted detailing. Marlon is a refined leather sofa that stands apart for its exquisite tufted detailing embellishing the backrest and creating a classy decorative effect that enhances the softness of the padded cushions. Putting a new spin on the traditional English Chesterfield, Marlon exudes a bold feisty spirit with a vintage vibe and creates a contempo mood with a soft inviting feel. In this seating system, the tenets of classic upholstery have been reworked using modern techniques, as can be seen from the chromed foot which cleverly counterpoints the austere appeal of the sofa itself.




Architectural lines and diagonality play a key role on this new contemporary sofa the inclined metal base together with the linearity of the back cushions, designed with remarked horizontal padding, give the sofa a geometrical sense of comfort that can be perceived even at first sight. A flat curved and inclined metal base becomes support base and legs for the sofas and dedicated coffee tables.



A very curvy and comfortable design gives to this chaise a modern look. The thin frame where the soft seat cushion is placed, is perfectly matched to its proper ottoman. A great comfort is guaranteed. The crossed base gives more energy to a perfect product, ideal for a moment of relax.


New product that completes the “New York” collection. Like the bed, it features some distinctively sophisticated traits which tap into the world of fashion – a chunky oversized zipper on the lateral outer edges and brand-new open stitching with the central gap in leather or grosgrain, bringing to the fore the sartorial superiority of the company. A youthful contemporary piece with an unorthodox design. The geometrical cut of the frame has been deliberately brought over to the seating area of the modules, creating an irregular polygonal harmoniousness. A highly comfortable piece with generously deep seats which has been made with a superb combination of polyurethane and feathers cleverly brought together to deliver an outstanding sensation of softness.


A collection that embodies Gamma’s talent for seamlessly combining design and practicality without compromising on its signature sartorial stylishness. Some of the fine workmanship

includes unusual stitching detailing and distinctive buttons that enhance the sleek silhouette. Smart takes our iconic shifting mechanism which can be applied to any backrest, including the corner section, and applies it to provide seats with a varying depth; it also delivers added comfort thanks to the lower-back reinforcement in the backrest cushion. This piece is well suited to customers who prefer spacious-looking silhouettes and designs. One-piece base supported by a new leg with a crosscut available in various finishes. This is a new family of modules that has been designed by looking at things from a different angle so as to meet the market’s demand for originality. It includes corner units with fixed little tables made from ceramic, peninsulas with ample generous curves, interchangeable chaise-lounges and facing options which are perfect for corporate environments and the hospitality sector. A smart solution which will adapt perfectly to any situation or any needs.