What’s kind of interesting is always trying to find a way of making lights look interesting, both through the daylight when they are off and also at night time when they are on.

MELT works well in the bedroom because it has an amazing surface, which looks very natural. It appears almost like a pearl, a distorted metallic globe when it is off and when it is on, depending on which colour you have chosen, it might look like a volcano or a meteorite.

The shape is very hard to decipher when the light is on because of the organic reflections which are created by the light bouncing around on the inside surfaces that you can see through the very thin layer of aluminium. It throws out light which is quite naturalistic, the light you might get when the sun is reflected off water for instance or the lights you see on those amazing photographs of the Hubble telescope.

With the ETCH lights Tom Dixon has tried to create a series of shadow plays and using the lamp shapes as a filtration method to create some naturalistic effects. The ETCH lamp is made from photo acid-etched stainless steel and we have pierced it with extremely fine holes, which means that we are filtering the light and allowing it also to bounce around in interior surfaces.

ETCH WEB is a different type of etch ware where they have tried to create a cage around the lamp, which makes these quite extraordinary overlapping shadows and when placed in a room can completely transform the atmosphere. These lights do that by having a very interesting surface texture and a complex geometry even when they are not illuminating, they still command your attention.

All too often lighting is added as an afterthought in an interior, but for us, it is completely intrinsic. When thinking of lighting in spaces where you eat, you must strike a very careful balance between illuminating properly and creating the right mood.

You want to see what you are eating, but often you want your eating space to feel intimate and engaging – particularly for dinner parties. CUT is partly influenced by 1970s lighting when there was a lot of effects created by half mirrored lamps and CUT has a kind of kaleidoscopic effect, using half-mirroring and a very strong geometrical shape. So, you are creating a whole interior world inside the lamp and then of course when it’s off you get a solid metallic looking object.