Custom cabinetry and interior wall units ooze sophistication and grace. With Casarredo, you’ll find the very latest innovations with trendy customisable wall units to instantly elevate your home.


The Day collection is a versatile system for all rooms within the home, offering complete compositional freedom. Storage units, shelves, back panels, benches and drawers to create traditional modules or new compositions which present a play of filled and empty space. The numerous finishes can be matched to varied tastes and requirements.

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My Space furnishes and organises any space, encompassing a tv unit, bookcase and storage unit. A collection, a distinguished response to novel home living requirements, which relies on two primary references: functionality and aesthetics. My space, the new definition of a living area. A range which designs the bookcase as the functional centre of daily life, providing maximum versatility when it comes to the composition and style. Bookcase with side panels providing excellent versatility across the thickness. The system is characterised by 35 mm sides and shelves which bring to the forefront, the quality and solidity.


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If you’re looking for a complete system to transform your living space, then Casarredo’s latest wall units are the perfect addition.

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