Tell time in true style this season with an original clock from Nomon featuring a bold avant-garde design, now available from Casarredo.

More than just a functional piece in the home, a beautiful clock is a statement on your walls. Choose from gorgeous black finishes to golden accented timepieces and more to suit your design scheme. We love the wide selection from Nomon, offering timeless appeal that won’t easily fade.

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If you have a wall that needs a little love and attention, a simple clock can create a bold and beautiful finish. A great way to finish off a look, complement a colour palette, or simply provide a functional means to tell the time, a clock is a staple in any living space. With Nomon, design style is a high priority, with beautiful offerings that will certainly elevate your home.

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Nomon believes in the use of natural materials which have an important role to play in aesthetics and are related to truth and honesty. They like to use the materials in their pure state, using walnut and marble with their texture and natural grain. Craftsmanship is an essential element when it comes to incorporating natural materials. Only when the caressing of a hand intervenes in manufacturing, will you get that touch of luxury.