Dining Tables

Affluence defines our dining table collection, with materials like wood, glass, ceramic and marble selected for their quality and aesthetics.

Explore a dining experience like no other with our diverse table selections, each boasting unique characteristics.

The Origami dining room table, designed by Gino Carollo, marries solid oak’s natural beauty with light metal legs for a striking balance of elegance and strength.

The Milos Dining Table improves the aesthetic with Gamma’s unparalleled leather craftsmanship, featuring curved wooden bases clad in leather and customisable tops in glass, ceramic, and marble, including a round version with a Lazy Susan.

Our Simpòdio System reimagines the dining experience with its elegant design, featuring a tempered glass top available in a variety of finishes and bases in lightened concrete, offering a modern yet timeless appeal. This piece harmonises form and function, transforming any dining area into a sophisticated space.

Don’t forget about dining chairs to complement your table with endless options for configurations and seating requirements, including two-seaters for intimate dinners to moments that require eight-seaters and more.

At Casarredo, we view dining room furniture as central to your home, emphasising timeless elegance and expert design in each piece.