Valcucine Kitchens

Valcucine Kitchens, renowned for their impeccable design and innovation, epitomise the harmonious blend of form and function. Each kitchen tells a unique story, drawing inspiration from ancient secretaires, pure volumes, and dematerialisation. Whether it’s the ethereal lightness of Riciclantica, the hidden allure of Genius Loci, or the sculptural beauty of Artematica, Valcucine seamlessly marries Italian craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, catering to the discerning homeowner who seeks elegance, functionality, and a touch of art in their culinary space.

Prioritising People & Joy

We emphasise human well-being, turning everyday activities into joyous experiences through sensory stimulation.

Timeless & Durable Design

Offering modern luxury kitchens, crafted to be both timeless in design and durable for generations.

Culinary Innovation

Elevating the cooking experience by consistently pioneering in forms and materials.

Planet-Conscious Practices

Using resources responsibly, with a firm commitment to sustainability and nature.

Valcucine Kitchen Range

Dive into the world of Valcucine Kitchens: Explore each meticulously crafted collection below and uncover the philosophy behind every design.

Riciclantica Collection

The Riciclantica collection by Valcucine epitomises the zenith of dematerialisation in modern kitchen design. Influenced by Gabriele Centazzo’s vision of creating a design philosophy immune to fleeting trends, the collection seeks a timeless appeal that represents the 21st century. The heart of this revolutionary design lies in its aluminium frame, resilient to water, steam, and heat, accommodating the world’s thinnest door at a mere 2 mm thickness. This door boasts a visual appeal and is sustainable, saving up to 85% of material compared to conventional doors.

Riciclantica Design Philosophy

The underpinning philosophy of Riciclantica rests on the twin pillars of ‘flight’ and ‘lightness’, manifested in its meticulous construction. The door’s striking slimness, only 2 mm thick, is accentuated further by a grip recess that traverses the base unit surfaces, epitomising Valcucine’s relentless pursuit of extreme dematerialisation. This sense of weightlessness is bolstered by a strategic selection of materials designed to offer a robust protective layer while retaining a slim profile. The unique elements like the Aerius wall-hung system, shelving units, and floor-to-ceiling system enhance the kitchen’s visual aesthetics and functional utility. Their elevating designs augment freedom of movement and provide a clear, unobstructed view, encapsulating the ethos of true design brilliance.

Logica Celata Collection

Introducing the Logica Celata, the latest gem in the Logica series, exemplifying impeccable space transformation and groundbreaking ergonomics. Available in three distinct models – Bar, Kitchen, and Food Preparation – each has specific ideas and purpose-designed accessories. These configurations are not just about maximising efficiency; they’ve been masterfully conceived to vanish from sight when unused.

Logica Celata Design Philosophy

The modern living trend leans towards integrating the kitchen with communal areas, turning once-hidden culinary corners into exposed marvels. Logica Celata embraces this notion with its expansive, well-equipped wall setup that metamorphoses into chic furniture when closed, effortlessly merging with any reception space. Beyond being a mere functional entity, it is a captivating sculptural statement. Its design allows homeowners to infuse personal touches, thanks to the Vitrum Arte customisations, transforming kitchens into an embodiment of art and individuality. From the allure of the Italian bar experience that intertwines conviviality with intimacy to the quintessential kitchen configuration with top-tier accessories, and finally to the unique handcrafted Vitrum Arte designs – it’s a confluence of tradition, innovation, and craftsmanship.

Forma Mentis Collection

Forma Mentis is a fusion of pristine aesthetics and unparalleled utility, manifested in its uniquely designed doors featuring slanting edges for easy, handle-less access. The addition of metal edge protectors accentuates its durability and adds a touch of elegance to its design. Crafted with precision and practicality in mind, the Forma Mentis doors are characterised by their slanting edges with micro-ridges, offering effortless grip and access without traditional handles, ensuring sleek lines. With many customisation options, from the thickness of the worktops to the grip recess types and profile colours, homeowners can mould the kitchen to their personal aesthetic preferences.

Forma Mentis Design Philosophy

At the heart of Forma Mentis lies a philosophy celebrating formal simplicity and minimalistic design lines, which collectively define an elegant, clean-cut ensemble without compromising functionality. Strategically positioned large storage units against the wall, expertly crafted wall panelling, and the ingeniously concealed back section provide optimal storage solutions. Extending the design is the innovative Origami breakfast bar, imparting lightness and functionality. Every element in this layout is meticulously curated, seamlessly integrating natural components with technological innovations. This harmonious amalgamation ensures the kitchen resonates deeply with the surrounding natural environment, making it more than just a cooking space; it’s an experience.

Artematica Collection

Artematica by Valcucine embodies an intricate dance between creativity and innovation. The very essence of Artematica lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate ‘pure’, distinct materials onto the aluminium structure of its doors. This bestows an unparalleled freedom to explore myriad combinations, be it the delicate play of colourful and textured glass, the tactile charm of wood, gleaming lacquered surfaces, or metal laminates. Each customisation encapsulates the individuality of its owner, transcending mere design to attain an art-like permanence, symbolised through the mesmerising clarity of glass. Attention to detail remains paramount, from the effortless simplicity of movement to the gentle closures and safety-centric design manifest in its rounded edges and profiles.

Artematica Design Philosophy

The conceptual foundation of Artematica draws inspiration from an architectural vantage point where sheer volumes intricately interlace and harmonise, elevating the contrasting nature of materials and the delicate balance between solids and voids. These sculptural entities resonate with an ardent appreciation for stone, wood, and metal, epitomising Valcucine’s long-standing principle of harmonising diversities. Each design element isn’t just a functional piece; it’s a testament to the passion for materials and a commitment to bringing disparate elements together in cohesive unity.

Genius Loci Collection

The Genius Loci kitchen’s standout feature is its under-top drawer, a brilliant creation resulting from the worktop’s dematerialisation, which establishes itself as the symbolic element of this kitchen. This drawer isn’t merely a functional space but a coveted detail. Rendered in an array of finishes and displaying meticulous craftsmanship, it aligns flawlessly with the kitchen’s pristine forms and materials. Whether acting as a symbol of continuity or an accent of distinction, it becomes the epicentre of customisation. It holds an enduring aesthetic appeal, reflecting the discerning tastes of its owner. Valcucine, paying homage to Italian artistry, revives and refines the splendour of traditional crafts, embracing elements from intricate wood inlays and carvings to sculpted stone and precious metals. This approach revitalises age-old treasures, ensuring they aren’t lost in the annals of time but are celebrated as testaments to timeless craftsmanship.

Genius Loci Design Philosophy 

The H8 drawer, positioned beneath the worktop and rooted in seamless integration and juxtaposition, can be experienced in two distinct avatars. One rendition appears as an uninterrupted worktop extension, seamlessly blending with the kitchen’s materials and structures. In contrast, the slanting version introduces a deliberate aesthetic interruption, offering a striking contrast for a bolder statement. True to the Genius Loci spirit, the unique elements discreetly camouflage their functional facets, ensuring a perpetually neat kitchen aesthetic untouched by the ravages of daily use. The focal point, the island, is versatile in its applications. It can either be complemented with the New Logica H140, subtly delineating the kitchen workspace from the living area, or be augmented with a floating drawer, broadening its potential as a space for both social engagement and utility.

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