Valdesign Cucine Kitchens

Valdesign Cucine Kitchens

Valdesign Cucine encapsulates the essence of contemporary Italian craftsmanship, infusing tradition with innovation in every design. From the aluminium-framed Zafferano, adorned with a myriad of finishes, to Logica’s ergonomic flow, Maggiorana’s earthy inspirations, Soho’s convivial harmony, and the tactile allure of the Forty/5 – each kitchen speaks a unique design language. Made-to-measure, functional, and radiating timeless aesthetics, these collections celebrate the art of cooking, ensuring that every moment spent in a Valdesign kitchen is delightful and memorable.

Personalised Kitchens

Craft your kitchen to fit the intricacies of your daily life, allowing it to become an extension of your personal style and functionality needs.

Continuous Innovation

Craft your kitchen to fit the intricacies of your daily life, allowing it to become an extension of your personal style and functionality needs.

Sleek Linear Design

Suitable for contemporary homes, Valdesign kitchens boast a minimalist, clean, and streamlined aesthetic.

A Palette of Finishes

Choose from various finishes—lacquers, woods, and cement—to bring warmth or light to your kitchen space.

Attention to Detail

Even the less conspicuous details receive meticulous care, ensuring durability and top-quality aesthetics.

Reliable Hardware

Every unit in Valdesign kitchens has top-tier hardware, from snap-in hinges with assisted closing to soft-close runners for drawers, ensuring longevity and smooth operation.

Valdesign Kitchen Range

Dive into the world of Valdesign Cucine Kitchens: Explore each meticulously crafted collection below.

Zafferano Collection

Step into the realm of Zafferano, where modern design effortlessly intertwines with sustainability. This designer kitchen takes pride in its robust aluminium frame, setting the foundation for 124 diverse finishes. Not just an epitome of beauty, the aluminium promises unwavering strength, immunity to water, and a steadfast resistance against warping and oxidation. Each piece adheres to EPA and CARB regulations, with steel-run drawers tested for 80,000 cycles, marrying aesthetics with unparalleled functionality.

The Zafferano collection also follows Valdesign’s commitment to the circular economy. Its door, backed by an aluminium frame, offers an array of material choices like glass, Laminam, Corian, and Fenix — all recyclable and reusable, showcasing the brand’s dedication to reducing waste and promoting long-lasting products. Dive deep into the Zafferano experience and revel in a kitchen that’s not just made in Italy but embodies its rich legacy of craftsmanship and sustainable practices.

Logica Collection

A journey into the heart of Logica is an exploration into fluidity, where design flourishes unbounded and time slows down, letting convivial moments and relaxation take centre stage. Simple yet audacious, Logica introduces a blend of refined ergonomics and aesthetic versatility. Its varied opening systems – from traditional handles and knobs to the avant-garde push-pull profile, groove profile, and exceptionally functional curved groove – offer an experience tailored to modern conveniences.

Beyond its inviting aesthetics, the Logica kitchen asserts its excellence through practical elements: the original ergonomic grooves, innovative Canvas wall units, and glazed doors, which artfully bridge the kitchen and living areas. Amidst this, the kitchen’s highly modular nature stands out – offering a slew of door profile configurations, from sleek to sloping, accommodating metal profiles that champion an unblemished, contemporary look. Welcome to Logica, where Italian craftsmanship and innovation seamlessly meld.

Maggiorana Collection

Maggiorana draws deeply from the wellsprings of Italian heritage, evoking the charm of traditional picket fences in kitchen gardens with its rhythmical elm wood panels. This designer kitchen harmoniously blends the nostalgic warmth of Italian tradition with the finesse of contemporary design.

Prioritising both form and function, Maggiorana is expertly crafted to ensure ergonomic efficiency, with tailored modular solutions to fit your space and lifestyle. The essence of the countryside comes alive as natural materials converge with modern design simplicity, all thoughtfully envisioned by architect and interior designer Bruna Vaccher. Dive into a culinary experience that’s as rooted in tradition as in innovation with Maggiorana.

Soho Collection

Dive into the dynamic and inviting world of Soho—a designer kitchen that’s a blend of flavours, fostering togetherness. Distinctly modern yet undeniably cheerful, Soho offers tailored modular solutions ensuring a seamless fit into your living space while complementing your unique movement patterns.

But what truly sets Soho apart? The innovative design is a singular profile that divides the front, permitting doors and drawers to be operated using just one element. This clever approach means doors utilise a 45-degree profile, while an integrated handle in the upper front effortlessly opens drawers. Additionally, the kitchen’s dedicated larder shelving units and metal frame exemplify Soho’s impeccable aesthetic. Experience the blend of adaptability, style, and functionality with the Soho collection.

Forty/5 Collection

The Forty/5 designer kitchen goes beyond mere aesthetics; it offers a sensory experience. The kitchen’s rough, textured surfaces evoke an original tactile feel, setting it apart from the conventional. Crafted with confidence, the Forty/5 is defined by its innovative use of materials such as cement-effect resins, which offer a unique touch and bestow the kitchen with an unprecedented monolithic allure.

However, it’s about more than just the feel. The functional facet of this Italian design shines through its intuitive door and drawer mechanism. Opening at a 45-degree angle, it perfectly complements the kitchen’s groove profile, proving that the Forty/5 is the epitome of design meeting functionality. Experience a touch of Italy with this distinct blend of texture, elegance, and practicality.

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