These masters of haute-couture combine craftsmanship with passion, quality with fantasy and tradition with avant-garde. Their masterpieces and the high quality of materials merge a love of luxury and the courage to express oneself. Be swept away by the joy of vibrant colours and shapes.

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Cloud 7

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Every man needs one

Luxuriously designed and exclusively handmade, Cloud 7 is another perfect example of Bretz craftsmanship, passion and avant-garde.

An incredibly versatile spacy sofa monument for soft and cosy sitting as if on clouds.


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Making a comeback

Cloud 7 armchair attracts by the asymmetrical composition of lines that connect us with the depth of each room. Like in a space-time continuum, there is no single right angle and no common plan which would remind us of the usual daily routine. Like all other Bretz models, Cloud 7 is also available in 340 exciting upholstery selections.



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The perfect host

Generous, flexible, nonconforming, and playful. Ed invites you to follow new paths with a childlike curiosity, and unbiased spirit. The contrasting interplay of divergent geometrical shapes and the possibility of combining them easily is what makes this sitting and lounging area so vivid. Large, extra springy seats with soft, square grids meet voluminous cushion-rolls and huge, soft plaid cushions.


Ocean 7 sectional

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Pure structure

Traditional craftmanship reinterpreted. Island of my dreams with soft, wave-like curves. Masterly upholstered squares, with inserts artistically anchored in the upholstery … point by point! Soft upholstery, snuggling heavenly to your body. Ocean 7 is probably the most comfortable sofa in the world!


Ocean 7 daybed

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A velvet soft magic

The variety of design options with the Ocean 7 daybed is almost endless. A day bed with one, two or without armrests. The extravagant design and the gentle curves make optimal use of your space and bring a velvet soft magic to your room. Ideal for simple and complex living situations.



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A sense of weightlessness

Ohlinda is available as a sofa, sectional unit and day bed, available in various sizes. The individual modules can be coloured, extended and even rearranged as desired. The backs can be changed or removed, turning the corner sectional into a double day bed or a long sofa.


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