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Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors

A talented person is talented in everything. So is Roberto Cavalli – famous Italian designer and the owner of Fashion House, famous for its clothes, lingerie, perfume, sun glasses, bags, watches and shoes lines production.

Unique products inspired by Cavalli’s own style have long since appeared in the interior of his own homes, yachts, boutiques and clubs. Fantasies, memories of a journey, a dream, a passion for beauty – all a source of inspiration for the creation of unique objects.

In 2012 the Roberto Cavalli Group created their own collection of stylish and artistic furniture and home accessories including wallpaper, carpets and other interior art elements.

Casarredo is proud to announce the addition of Roberto Cavalli Home to their list of exclusive and up-market Italian brands.

In keeping with the philosophy and the DNA of the Roberto Cavalli brand that has always combined the concept of fashion and design with glamour and sensuality, Roberto Cavalli Home is inspired by iconic prints and patterns: from animal print to damask, colours, dye effects and the overlapping of textures, transforming pieces into a one of a kind. Precise care and attention is devoted to the choice of materials and fabrics used, as well as the matching of pieces and processes in producing the final piece.

“When I create a dress I want it to emphasize the femininity of a woman at all times; and so as with designing for the home, I try to identify the character of the people I’m designing for, thinking how I can diffuse this with the colours, the warmth and joy of living that first of all one gives oneself … My Home Collection was born from a personal desire to share the optimism of my fashion with those who love me-derived from my creativity, my philosophy, and my style which is also evident in the decoration of the home … there is no difference between the thinking behind designing a clothing line and a home ware line. My lifestyle is always hugely driven by passion…”

Roberto Cavalli

For more information on Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors, visit: http://jcpassion.robertocavalli.com/

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