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Interior Services

To assist clients in crafting their ideal living or working space, Casarredo’s team of qualified interior decorators and interior designers provide specialised consulting services for residential and corporate projects.
These services include:

Decorating and interior design consulting – with a focus on detail, our decorators assist clients in selecting finishing touches for their interiors, including soft furnishings and decorative pieces.

Where required, our interior decorators can help clients to make non-load bearing structural changes that will ultimately enhance the space according to the clients’ needs. Space planning – working closely with clients to maximise furniture choice and space, our team assists clients to position items purchased at Casarredo.

Exclusive furniture design and manufacture – in addition to showcasing international furniture and décor products, Casarredo also designs custom furniture pieces to match a client’s specific requirements. Existing products can be custom designed to fit any space.

Comprehensive design and detail drawings – our team of interior designers can produce detailed working drawings for new designs and non-load bearing construction, built-in-furniture or other design features. Visual presentations – to convey a sense of space, style and hues of a project, our team creates a comprehensive visual display encompassing floor layouts, images of proposed items, and samples of planned finishes.

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