Floor Lamps

Our floor lamps infuse light with ambience. Create spatial moods and focal points or combine form and function for a pragmatic take on lighting.

Floor lamps are an essential element in home design, offering not just utility but also serving as a significant style statement. Our lamps are available in various materials: metal, wood, glass, and Italian fabric. A sleek, metallic lamp can add a modern touch to a room, while a wooden lamp with a fabric shade can bring a sense of traditional elegance.

Elegance and modernity meet at Casarredo. Our lamps integrate dimming, colour-shifting, and compatibility with home automation systems, allowing for a customised lighting experience. Where adjustability is a priority, swinging arms and adjustable shades will enable you to direct the light precisely where needed.

Enjoy our Melt Standing Chandelier for relaxing evenings — its unique molten glass design spreads a soft, warm light in any room. Or explore from famous brands like Tom Dixon to the epitome of luxury.