Table Lamps

Light up with our artisanal table lamps. Steeped in tradition, our lamps combine craftsmanship with cutting-edge engineering and innovative aesthetics.
Take our Melt portable LED lamp, which has a mesmerising molten glass look, reflecting the interior of hot-blown glass. Or the Aella lamp with soft curves of handblown glass swirling outwards to catch a cyclone of light.

Table lamps act as focal points in a room or as subtle accents contributing to a layered lighting scheme. Whether used for their light or art, table lamps are a staple in home decorating — proving indispensable in any well-designed home. Cast a soft glow for a relaxed evening, or add bright light for a late-night work session; with endless ambience possibilities.

Each lamp is a testament to the power of lighting to transform spaces—not just by brightening dark corners, but also by creating atmospheres that enrich everyday living. Consider our range of floor lamps, for larger spaces.