Designed by: Francesco Binfaré 2015

A distinct sofa. Normal, extraordinary, timeless … Absolutely the best because it is enhanced with what we call movable “smart” cushions, pliable to preference with slight movements to satisfy any possible desire for comfort.

A large smart cushion that you can move to any socket of the backrest and armrest. A cushion that you can raise, lower, tilt separately to the left or right with a light and pleasant movement. A padded sofa with high style, designed to withstand time and trends. Seats have different shapes, sizes and depths to satisfy every desire of comfort.

The absolute elegance and sobriety of Absolu stand out in the classical angular / orthogonal compositions. The large smart and mouldable cushions and the seat padded with Gellyfoam lets you enjoy unsurpassed comfort. The smart cushion is easy to move, use and shape in different positions. With a simple movement, you can go from a classic sofa to the position of chaise longue, always obtaining the maximum comfort.

The version Absolu Large has broader dimensions both in width and in depth. The deeper seat offers the possibility of extreme and casual comfort, both for classic sitting and for a freer use of the couch. Seen from the front or back, Absolu is always elegant thanks to the sobriety of its formal structure and ease of the smart cushions.