ED is the perfect host – generous, flexible, nonconforming, and playful; a sofa with a delightful character. ED invites you to follow new paths with a childlike curiosity, unbiased spirit, and just for the fun of it. Stand up and get creative! A sofa is no longer just a sofa! ED is life, ED is a retreat. Playground and cozy corner. ED will always be there for you and offers you the space you need… just the way you need it! The contrasting interplay of divergent geometrical shapes and the possibility of combining them totally easily is what makes this sitting and lounging area so vivid. Large, extra springy seats with soft, square grids meet voluminous cushion-rolls and huge, soft plaid cushions. All this lets you feel familiar and secure!

ED comes with an extensive add-on kit, i.e. it represents a huge modular system: By combining the seats with the back-/armrests – no matter if fixed by screws or just put on loosely – ED adjusts to your needs easily and with pleasure. Thus, you have an almost endless range of possibilities of combining the various elements in an individual and playful matter.