Design by: Dondoli e Pocci
Frinfri, a gentle name that brings to mind summer nights: this is the image that inspired the new line of coffee tables by Bonaldo.
The geometric design of the frame makes them light-weight, while a game of balances between sharp corners and rounded angles supports a removable tray. The tray can be made of metal in the same colour of the base or, to create a contrast between the finishes, it can be embellished with a ceramic top. Frinfri coffee tables are available in three different heights.

Base: steel

Tray: metal in the same finish of the base with the possibility of an additional ceramic top

Dimensions of Frinfri high: 40x40x50 cm
Dimensions of Frinfri medium: 50x50x45 cm
Dimensions of Frinfri low: 80x80x34 cm