Design by: Federico Peri

The distinguishing feature of Galerie is the diffuser, which is inspired by both aesthetically and functionally by the antique oil lamps of the Belle Époque. Hand-blown in four layers of glass, where the outer and the inner layers are of two different colours, it reads as white when turned off, then as amber once lit. It is also equipped with a leather strap that allows the fixture to be hung in different positions on the structure. In the floor version, the lamp is available for two uses: a reading lamp with one diffuser, to create the ideal atmosphere for reading, and a floor lamp with two diffusers positioned at different heights, for adjustable ambient lighting. The family also includes a wall version. The combination of materials (glass, leather, metal and marble), unprecedented in a lamp, makes the Galerie family particularly rich, and at the same time elegant and balanced. Galerie expresses the memory of days gone by in a contemporary key.

The latest addition: a hanging version with four lamps: intensely warm light on the walls, a whiter downward light thanks to the two-tone glass, acid-etched white on the outside, amber on the inside. Noblesse oblige.

Family of lamps in floor, reading, wall and suspension versions. Base in marble or mineral. Painted steel stem in palladium or quartz. Support in leather, blown glass (frosted white outside, clear yellow inside).