Milos Dining Table

Gamma’s leather craftsmanship and superior sartorial knowledge led to the development of a new design project for the dining room: the Milos Collection. This dining table stands apart for the company’s signature curated detailing, as evident from the beauty of the bases. The bases in curved wood have been lovingly clad in leather with deft details, and the metal plate is available in various finishes. The tops in glass, ceramic, and marble are available in several different sizes for both the rectangular and round versions, and the latter can also be fitted with a Lazy Susan revolving tray.

Product details: Standard features include a wood frame upholstered in leather, with metal inserts available in all customizing finishes. The top is available in back lacquered glass (black or white), ceramic, or marble. Note that ceramic top finishes Terra, Antracite, and Ossido Bruno are not available. For marble finishings, only for length dimensions over 200 cm, the top is split into two parts at the center, across its width. The Lazy Susan’s top is available in all customizing finishes, with an aluminum revolving base.