A collection that embodies Gamma’s talent for seamlessly combining design and practicality without compromising on its signature sartorial stylishness. Some of the fine workmanship includes unusual stitching detailing and distinctive buttons that enhance the sleek silhouette. Smart takes our iconic shifting mechanism which can be applied to any backrest, including the corner section, and applies it to provide seats with a varying depth; it also delivers added comfort thanks to the lower-back reinforcement in the backrest cushion. This piece is well suited to customers who prefer spacious-looking silhouettes and designs.
One-piece base supported by a new leg with across cut available in various finishes. This is a new family of modules that has been designed by looking at things from a different angle so as to meet the market’s demand for originality. It includes corner units with fixed little tables made from ceramic, peninsulas with ample generous curves, interchangeable chaise longues and facing options which are perfect for corporate environments and the hospitality sector. A smart solution which will adapt perfectly to any situation or any needs.