Mirror backed , clear glass vessel

designer:  karen gilbert + paul pavla
The SkLO echo vessels are rounded asymmetrical shapes of hand blown Czech glass in transparent colors with dimpled voids at their tops. The vessels are mirror-finished from the inside, giving them their distinct metallic reflective surface. Available in three sizes and a palette of five colors. Hand blown in the Czech Republic.

echo vessel  small        200 x 150 mm h
echo vessel  medium  300 x 180 mm h
echo vessel  large        430 x 300 mm h

available in: blue, copper, gold, pewter, silver

SkLO is dedicated to the idea of Craft, to the importance of the handmade object, to materials and workmanship of the highest quality. As designers, their philosophy is rooted in materiality and process. SKLO believes in revealing the underlying nature of the materials and the way things are made. Their designs celebrate the nature of the handmade, the imperfect, the imprecise. It is this point of view that SKLO brings to the great historic Craft tradition of Czech glassblowing, striving for subtlety, restraint, and beauty.