This is where fashion meets design. This collection epitomises the fusion between the world of fashion and the sophisticated design of the Dandy collection. One standout hallmark of this sofa is its armrest. Basing ourselves on an elegant handbag, we recreated and sculpted this fashionable aesthetic detail, turning it into a major feature and boosting practicality with the armrest compartment on the side of the sofa. A multi-functional armrest boasts a leather flap which conceals a spacious magazine holder and is secured by a sophisticated metal fastening covered in leather. An extremely comfortable sofa with a yielding design and deep seats. A new “blade stand” base and the clever combination of silhouette, size and stitching details are all evident signs of the modern innovative core of this collection. The same edgy stylishness transpires from the accent cushions, which recall chic clutch bags, and from the special table collection.