Modular Wall System 01

Modular wall system with a combination of boiseries, shelves and  storage units.Several products in a single system consisting of bookcase, home / office TV and storage units , with different modularity in height and width

Made up of an adjustable concealed aluminium structure with patented couplings, it features on the top a hidden lighting that lights the wall upwards.

System01 can be:

– wall-mounted boiserie in lacquered  glass or in MarmoReflex / LegnoReflex, plain or with shelves in bronze or smoked glass or with the shelves of Segno Libreria

– home / office TV series integrated with suspended TV, free standing or inserted in Movie TV Mirror

– boiserie with Mirage Buffet or Monolite Buffet Low as storage units, in lacquered glass or in MarmoReflex