Design by : Orlandini Design for Bross

Wide and thin curved multi layer shell-shaped shell sets this innovative seating system.

The uniqueness of the project lies in the peculiar position down the back, inside which remains partly hidden the seat, and in the singular graft leg rear, which hide a solid metal structure. Its comfortable shape and ergonomic, with different variations in height and available in wood or lacquered finish, make the seat SHELL flexible and adaptable to different styles and suitable for residential projects sought or reception areas with contemporary taste.

Founded in 1981, Bross stood out as a young and creative business with a specific focus on the detail and quality of its products. Today, it is this attention to detail, choice of quality materials, organic designs and technical potential that has made Bross a success. The company’s commitment to producing high quality modern furniture has attracted some of the finest Italian designers, including Paolo Piva, Gerd Lange, Enzo Berti, Laprell and Althaus and Ennio Arosio.

Made in Italy.