Design by: Cantori

Chairs made of cold-processed cone-shaped iron, laser-cut, shaped and bent, continuous wire feed welded, hand-rubbed and hand-polished. Electroplating bath finishing, minimum thickness 25 μm.

Padded chair version: with seat and back made of shaped bent wood, foam-rubber padding and tailored upholstery (non-removable). Upholstered chair with entirely removable cover.

Barred-back chair version: internal stay rods assembly, bent wooden seat, dual density foam-rubber padding and tailored upholstery.

In 1976, as a true entrepreneur, Sante Cantori began to use the richly varied network of craftsmanship skills in the area of Camerano. In just a few years, an industrial level company developed, capturing large market shares in Italy and in the whole world.

The beauty of the shapes and the extraordinary variety of compositions can win you over at first glance, but it is only when you skim over the soft finishes and the fine handcrafted decorations, touching the quality of the materials used and the sturdiness of the frames that you will truly understand the absolute inimitability of Cantori’s world.

Made in Italy.